TagOn is the new era of digital advertising.

TagOn is data driven advertising technology which develops relevant, high impact, and user friendly advertising formats. We deeply focus on user experience for our publishers and customers to create innovative solutions and ensure a flawless execution. Our ads are always 100% visible and viewed by only unique users that result in higher CTR’s with deep ad targeting models.

Data Driven

With the updated datasets collected from users’ online behaviors and 3rd party partners, relevant and contextual ads are shown to the clients at the right time with the right format. Besides standard targeting options, TagOn provides variety of clusters for different segments.


Publishers can start using TagOn platform in seconds, with a unique code implementation. Both publishers, advertisers and trading desks, can integrate the dashboard into their current system and view the effective results in sync.

User Friendly

TagOn guarantees the best ad solution for you campaign among the high impact and outstream advertising models. In addition to that, with creative optimization infrastructure, selected ad models are evaluated and shown according to user interactions.


Where our creative and technical teams make some differences!

Fully Responsive

Ability to work on desktop, mobile and mobile app at the same time.

Unique Users

Reaching only unique users with frequency capping

Content Sensitive

Relevant impressions and views with contextual targeting

Quality Guaranteed

Viewability, video quaility and brand safety are guareanteed.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud detection and instant solution suggestion by “Forensiq”.


Creative and strategic solutions provided related to the ad formats and use of creativity in order to increase effectiveness.


We provide high impact ad solution for branding campaigns with creative ad solutions to target the right audience.

Incremental Revenue

Higher CPM rates

Easy Set Up

Easy implementation and simple tags.

Premium Quality

Working with premium advertisers.

Real Time Reporting

Abilty to check reports through dashboard.

Additional Ad Formats

Converting unused inventory into additional revenue.

User Friendly Ads

Ad formats that are not interfering user experience.


We create high impact online branding campaigns, target right audience with creative ad solutions.

Higher Performance

Better CTR and engagement rate compared to average.

100% Visible

Guaranteed visibility of exact ad space.

Unique Users

Reaching only unique users with frequency capping.

Right Audience

Targeting right audience.

Creative Support

Providing support on creative in order to make ads more dynamic and engaging.

Real Time Reporting

Ability to check reports through dashboard.

Ad Formats.


Learn more details about our formats, user behaviors and hot topics. See latest reports and keep up with the industry trends.

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